Wednesday, November 30, 2011

UDL or DI?

I interviewed 2 of my teachers at Stratford to talk about UDL, and when they had no idea what UDL was, we discovered that we call it Differentiated Instruction at Stratford. We have the advantage at our little school in that we can make changes to the curriculum quickly and efficiently.We have been intensely working on this for the past two years. Here is the link to the discussion. We at Stratford CSD differentiate our curriculum with ALL students!


  1. I am on the Differentiated Instruction committee at my school, and I agree that it is very similar if not the same as UDL. It's all just a matter of reaching students where they are taking them where they need to go. Working through the struggles or setbacks some may have and getting past them to learn.

  2. Thanks for sharing the interviews! When we started talking about UDL, my first thought questions was "how is this different form differentiated instruction?" It's clear it's damn near the same thing - reaching kids via different methods. I suppose I should be glad we're getting all of the "alphabet soup" up to date, but it is nice to realize that you've been doing something all along - and just didn't know it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Funny, that with my teacher interview, he didn't know it was called UDL, either. You are definitely right: small schools have the advantage. I miss teaching at little WCLT where I could be so creative and adapt to each kid because I only had 10-15 in a class instead of 150 per day. Yay for Stratford and what it does for kids!